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dawuud dawuud at riseup.net
Sat Jul 25 18:54:03 UTC 2020

Hi Hu.

You do not appear to be interested in traffic analysis resistance at all.
Yes your e-mail is off topic.

By the way, it's Tor not TOR. It isn't an acronym anymore and shouldn't be capitalized.


On Sun, Jul 19, 2020 at 10:58:30AM +0000, matbit at airmail.cc wrote:
> “imagine” all the people sharing all the world
> John Lennon
> Hi team,
> It maybe looks like off topic, but since we are in same page and striving
> for “privacy right” please forgive me for this post and help me if you can.
> Many thanks in advance.
> It is Hu, a freedom enthusiast software developer, who believes in Privacy,
> and digital rights as well.
> I developed an open source and free(libre) app to support people
> establishing their “decentralized online community”, without need to running
> a website(having domain name and host), or having an static IP or even
> dynamic IP.
> The software called Comen, stands for “Community Maker Engine“. Users by
> installing Comen can form an autonomous unstoppable online community in
> which they can have their username(much like Domain name), send encrypted
> messages, participate in forums/discussions and having wiki pages, personal
> weblog, run survey, kind of smart contracts, DeFi and some other important
> activities.
> Entire communication between nodes (the machines around the glob that
> installed software) is done through “emails”. The Comen software
> automatically sends and receives hundreds of emails in hour to/from nodes.
> Indeed I developed the Comen software to make it very easy, every group of
> people (without any technical knowledge) by 2 or 3 clicks establish an
> online community. To join a community, people just need to know the peer’s
> email address and install the software.
> The Comen software creates a local copy of a blockgraph (unlike the
> Blockchains the data structure of Comen is a DAG and not a link-list) and
> records all received blocks in its local DB (AKA distributed ledger).
> By this design we have an autonomous, standalone, unstoppable, decentralized
> online community on top of a blockgraph in which users have personal data
> sovereignty.
> This approach is about caring privacy and avoiding mass surveillance,
> especially in giant social-networks. By Comen everyone can join to hundreds
> different groups or leave them and no one spy them.
> Comen is not good for “online gaming” or funny kitty “video watching”, but
> it perfectly works for serious issues against censorship and it cares user's
> privacy. it stops global passive eavesdropping.
> Every single line of code that is running on user’s computer is transparent
> and audit-able.
> Keeping it simple results No spying, No information exploitation, No hidden
> 3rd party IP connection.
> The horizon of system is "Making standard internet, inside the classic
> internet, based on peers".
> Going back to software, the email messages between nodes are encrypted by
> asymmetric public/private PGP keys, so they are safe and secure, and the
> email body (the text message) looks like a normal PGP encrypted message. The
> system works perfectly, BUT as we all know the big failure of “email
> protocol” is “meta data leakage”. So we need to fix this issue and improve
> the privacy of email protocol in whole.
> You may ask abut “why you use email as transporter and just do not use
> TCP/IP or other newer decentralized messaging protocols”?
> The answer is:
> - Everyone can obtain one or one million email address with no cost, and
> governments can not stopping individuals from using email. -Thanks free
> speech defenders we still can have anonymous email without compromising our
> identity -, whereas for all other alternate solutions user need to obtain an
> IP or some kind of identification or membership processes, which are all in
> contrast with privacy.
> - Email infrastructure is well-established and is accessible all over the
> glob. The emails work perfectly in most dictatorship countries with high
> level of censorship, oppression, IP banning, low speed internet, and all
> other barriers for commercial, high speed services we are using freely in
> Europe and US.
> - The email is the only neutral, free (non proprietary) and open
> protocol/technology for communication.
> You may ask why you want to update the existed protocol instead of “just use
> TOR or I2p or … and forward your traff	ic to these networks”?
> Even TOR or I2p can be disabled, and they did it in Iran, North Korea and I
> guess also China.
> In addition using TOR or I2P... as an extra effort for email is not a
> comprehensive and easy use case.
> If we improve “email protocol itself”, and add some optional feature to it
> in order to reduce the metadata leak and offer this improvement as an “Open
> (non proprietary) Standard” and drive a social movement to force email
> providers to implement these features/protocols in their softwares, we will
> achieve a huge improvement in “privacy” protecting and “freedom of
> expression”. we can not simply let the email die!
> This improvement will improve “email” users experience in whole, and also
> “Comen” software security and privacy level that indirectly causes to
> improvement of “freedom of expression” in recursive style.
> I want to ask your opinion about this proposal, since you are experienced
> and professional.
> What do you think about idea in whole and its feasibility?
> Perhaps we should exchange some emails to talk about details and figure out
> how to deal with this proposal, political(legal) issues, preparing some RFC
> or standard design specs and plan and strategy and roadmap, and so on.
> We are not too many people with this point of views, so please feel free to
> forward this email to people you may know they are interested in this case.
> (better if encrypted message).
> Looking forward to hearing from you.
> Hu
> P.S. Please no public announcement yet.
> My public key
> mQGNBF7mDQ8BDACz2v/gpJGTtTDCMiu2Lsixg9mUf5JBCKvzGJecl76iiLyH08u5
> MrcQZsy49YkUIwcPTaTsQxlnSfvNP2Kn+CaK/xE/M/VWLhv9iAS8CbnonRRbgFUC
> pCTbXtIsd8e/CNiYugjPh0f0+SqUL4OP4YkGlze8e6CE5OEAVbhwEoxmH0Q6dphk
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> =5qqo
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